Our two closest seaplane waterways from Piqua, OH (I17) are Grand Lake St Mary's
to the north, and Brookeville Reservoir to the southwest.  While Grand is closer and
larger, it is also shallow and unsheltered which means it gets rough quite often.  

Brookeville is nested in a set of low hills which tends to offer better water conditions
and scenery.  Unfortunately, it is also a popular boating destination for the two-state
area and the lake is often busy even during the week.  Still, its quite worth the trip as
the pictures below indicate.  
Slowing to a stop.   Good profile of the roll-out attitude.
Edwin Tech Seaplane Photo Galleries
2005 Water-Flying Action at Brookeville Reservoir, Indiana
Good shot of gear retracted.  Flaps are still set at 1/2 for takeoff.
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Picking up the photographer
Heading home

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