This year's trip took us from Piqua, OH (I17) via Mississinewa Lake, IN - newly
reopened to seaplanes to Rochester, IN (KRCR) for our 1st fuel stop.  At Rochester
we met a much larger amphibious friend also Oshkosh bound.  From Rochester, we
flew to Waukegan Regional (KUGN) for another tank-up.  From here, we flew NW to
intercept the south end of Lake Winnebago for a quick look at the yet to open
Oshkosh Seabase and on to Whitman Field (KOSH) to await the start of the EAA

High-Resolution (8MP) versions of the following pictures are available.  All images are
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Edwin Tech Seaplane Photo Galleries
Our 2005 trip to the Oshkosh Seabase
Corvette Powered Seabee
Seabee on the Outer Harbor
Lake Amphibian
J3 - Pumping the Floats
Husky Unloading
Turbine Otter
Husky under tow
More Seabees
Towing Seabee
Heading to a Mooring
Red Seabee
Blue Seabee
More Seabee
Flying Seabee
Murphey Moose
Boardman Moose
Murphey Moose
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Avid Mark IV
Super Cub
Open-Cockpit Seaplane
J3 - Step Turn
Seaplane Formation Flight
Kitfox III
Aeronca Champ 7AC
Skyshop CH-701
Kitfox III
Champ 7AC
Cleared for Start
Kitfox III
Champ 7AC
Super Cup on Amphibs
Cessna C-152
Grumman Albatross
Yellow Super Cub

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