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Edwin Tech Seaplane Videos
Takeoff Video  - Solo land takeoff in
calm conditions with no special
'effort' for STOL performance.  Simply
advance throttle, roll to 55mph and
These videos where taken during 2003 with a VHS C
camcorder and have been encoded to WMV (Microsoft Media
Player) format for download.  At the time, our CH-701 was still
powered with the original Rotax 912A 80Hp engine.  

This summer, we'll be out with a new DV Camcorder to get
new videos - especially of water flying.
Landing Video  - Landing associated
with video above.  Our approach
technique is to hold ~70mph until
short final and maintain partial power
until touchdown.  This helps avoid
bad bounces and bent metal with the
high lift / high drag wing.
Hover Video  - Combine low stall
speed and some fall westerlies and
you can have fun going nowhere at
all.  Hover was acheived at ~40mph,
1/2 flaps for level attitude.
Water Landing Video  - Final approach
and landing on Grand Lake St Mary's.  
Look for a better video and hopefully
some outside views this summer.
Circuit Video  - Good, close shots of
takeoff, flyby, and landing of our
CH-701.  Flyby is with the gear up and
shows how the mains and nose-wheel
look while retracted.

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